Newsletter Abril 2020


  • Chemicals Monthly bulletin April 2020 Ver aquí
  • Food Contact Materials Monthly bulletin April 2020 Ver aquí
  • Covid-19 Testing, inspection and certification of products and devices Ver aquí
  • On 18th March 2020, ZDHC announced Chem-MAP® as an approved certifier to the ZDHC MRSL V2.0 across all conformity levels (1,2 and 3) Ver aquí
  • Cosmetics & Personal Care Monthly bulletin April 2020 Ver aquí
  • Consumer Products Monthly bulletin April 2020 Ver aquí
  • Pesticide Residues in Medicinal Cannabis Ver aquí
  • New Regulation for Infant Formula and Follow-on Formula Ver aquí
  • Analysis of Nitrosamines Ver aquí
  • New GM Soy Events Require Intelligent Analysis Strategies Ver aquí
  • Twelve Key Questions to Determine the Specific Risk of your Organic Products Ver aquí
  • Eurofins DNA Fingerprinting Method for Jasmine Rice Authenticity Testing Ver aquí
  • Eurofins 360° Lab Tour: Food Safety in Full View Ver aquí
  • Review: Eurofins Workshops at the BIOFACH 2020 Ver aquí
  • Food Legislation News Issue No 2/2020 Ver aquí
  • Eurofins Information on the Coronavirus Ver aquí
  • Guide to Pandemic Defence in the Food Business Ver aquí
  • Eurofins Services for the Analysis of the Corona-virus SARS-CoV-2 Ver aquí
  • Contamination of Food Samples Caused by the Use of Disinfectants Ver aquí

Nota: Contenido del boletín en inglés.

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