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Medalla Tecno

Food and Feed

Tecnosoluciones Food Testing Division consists of a network of commercial testing laboratories strategically located. With the most comprehensive portfolio of food safety testing services in the industry, our scientific staff has years of experience with a broad range of laboratory testing methods from wet chemistry to Real-time Quantitative PCR to microbiological analyses. Our goal is to be the bioanalytical testing company of choice for the US food, feed, petfood, animal health, dietary supplement, pharmaceutical, and biotech industries.

The strength of our network lies in a commitment to outstanding client service, high quality standards and scientific excellence. Our scientific and client service staffs partner with our clients to find the most cost effective and complete analytical solutions to meet their food safety testing needs.

Every product of the food processing chain places its own demands on feed and food analysis. Not only do possible impurities deriving from the production process need to be taken into account, but also, for example, the value-attributed proportion of components and factors, which have an influence on the marketability of the product. 

Our food testing offers more than 100,000 tests including all the key areas of food safety and composition testing, such as:

Meat Testing 
Fish Testing 
Eggs and Poultry 
Testing for GMO 
Allergy testing 
Pesticide residue testing 
Dioxin testing and persistent organic pollutants (POP) analysis 
Testing for Mycotoxins 
Veterinary drug residue testing 
Heavy metals testing 
Vitamin testing
Trace elements analysis (Organic and Inorganic: Residues and Contaminants) 
Carbohydrates testing 
Amino acid analysis 
Fatty acid analysis 
Inorganic components
Organic Contaminants 
Microbiological food testing 
Determination of food authenticity and origin (traceability) 
Irradiated food testing

Quality Assurance

Competence Centres with state-of-the-art equipment such as high-resolution GC-MS, HPLC, LC-MS/MS, ICP-MS, real-time PCR and NMR systems 

Fast turn-around time (TAT)
Local contact with a global network
Participation in industry associations and regulatory bodies allowing early advice on potential food scares and legal obligations
Expert advice - testing schemes, on-site-check for hygiene and allergens, labelling advice and traceability
Results you can rely on
International presence

Medalla Tecno