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Medalla Tecno


Global expertise in laboratory testing, bioanalytical method development, esoteric/biomarker testing and genetic analyses

In TecnoSoluciones, the bio/pharmaceutical industry has a strategic laboratory partner to collaborate in drug development and quality control. We provide the full range of laboratory services for phase I-IV clinical research programs and service thousands of pharma and biologics organizations and CROs worldwide.

BioPharma Services for all Stages of the Drug Development Process

In summary, our portfolio consists of: 

  • Conducting regulatory efficacy studies for local, international and global submissions
  • Conducting global field and laboratory safety studies, including magnitude of residue, environmental fate & behaviour, operator exposure and re-entry & dis-lodgeable residues
  • Specialist GLP field and analytical services in support of genetically-modified (GM) crop varieties development 

Our field services include:

Crop Residue Studies (GLP) 
Crop Efficacy Testing (GEP) 
EU & EPA import tolerance
Operator exposure studies 
Baseline resistance monitoring
Varietal evaluation for traditional and trait productsSelectivity Trials 
Environmental fate & behaviour (dissipation/accumulation) 
Groundwater monitoring & field leaching


Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance (QA) is an integral part of our testing facilities, demonstrating the Eurofins Agroscience Services policy to ensure high quality work.

Every one of our QA Team has long-term experience in GLP requirements. We have a network of local auditors to perform GLP compliance inspections at our field stations and subsidiaries throughout the European Union.

Medalla Tecno