Organizational Values

Values are the principles that govern all the members of an organization constituting themselves in the "lighthouses that enlighten" the ethical and social behavior of the people in their daily work. In addition, they help to a better coexistence among the members of the company, because its effectiveness depends on the coherence of the actions of its members with the postulates.

In TECNOSOLUCIONES INTEGRALES LEIVA S.A. Values have been conceived to become true patterns of thought and action. The organization intends that these values go beyond what has been written, when translated into behaviors and actions that certify the abiding of all its members to these principles.


It involves giving our customers a reliable service based on high quality standards and in function to the technical requirements of the client

Behaviors expressing the value:

  • We act transparently and reliably in all our actions related to key internal and external processes.
  • We behave consistently with respect to the quality standards offered to our customers.
  • We are aware of improving from "inside out" in order for our credibility to be positively perceived by our customers.