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Medalla Tecno

Our history

TECNOSOLUCIONES INTEGRALES S.A. first offered its services in Central America and the Caribbean in May of 2008. Soon after, it expanded into Mexico and South America, and today, it has become able to satisfy the needs of the agro-industrial export sector in Latin America.

Our company’s initiative was born as an attempt to meet the need of the Central American market to have a reliable laboratory of international quality that would allow a successful penetration into markets of high commercial and analytical standards. Based on this, strategic alliances were forged with Keika Ventures and the Eurofins Group, which guaranteed the successful and continuous growth of our commercial relationships for the benefit of our clients as developers and integrators of analytical projects.

Furthermore, the challenges of the Latin American export sector have become our main motivation for continuing our attempts to offer services with high standards of quality confidentiality, and reliability.
As the worldwide leading company in the testing industry, the Eurofins Group has embraced us as one of its commercial representatives for Latin America and the Caribbean, which consolidates a list of clients that are committed to their responsibility of offering products and services that observe world regulations for the wellbeing of both the consumer and the environment.

We are every day ruled by a responsibility to educate our clients in the importance of the quality control analyses of their products and processes. Only from an understanding of the importance of joint work for the general welfare will we be able to heighten awareness among entrepreneurs and end users of the real need to preserve our planet with ethics and responsibility.

TECNOSOLUCIONES INTEGRALES S.A. is gradually building a culture directed towards continuous betterment, and in order to achieve this, every member of its staff follows in the footsteps of its founder since the start of operations, as a fixed value for the company’s future development and consolidation.

Medalla Tecno