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Our Story

Our Story

TECNOSOLUCIONES INTEGRALES S.A. first offered its services in Central America and the Caribbean in May of 2007. Soon after, it expanded into Mexico and South America, and today, it has become able to satisfy the needs of the agro-industrial export sector in Latin America.

Our company’s initiative was born as an attempt to meet the need of the Central American market to have a reliable laboratory of international quality that would allow a successful penetration into markets of high commercial and analytical standards. Based on this, strategic alliances were forged with Keika Ventures and the Eurofins Group, which guaranteed the successful and continuous growth of our commercial relationships for the benefit of our clients as developers and integrators of analytical projects.

Furthermore, the challenges of the Latin American export sector have become our main motivation for continuing our attempts to offer services with high standards of quality, confidentiality, and reliability.

As the worldwide leading company in the testing industry, the Eurofins Group has embraced us as one of its commercial representatives for Latin America and the Caribbean, which consolidates a list of clients that are committed to their responsibility of offering products and services that observe world regulations for the wellbeing of both the consumer and the environment.

We are every day ruled by a responsibility to educate our clients in the importance of the quality control analyses of their products and processes. Only from an understanding of the importance of joint work for the general welfare will we be able to heighten awareness among entrepreneurs and end users of the real need to preserve our planet with ethics and responsibility.

TECNOSOLUCIONES INTEGRALES S.A. is gradually building a culture directed towards continuous betterment, and in order to achieve this, every member of its staff follows in the footsteps of its founder since the start of operations, as a fixed value for the company’s future development and consolidation.

Our Mission

We are a Project Integrating Company for our clients, whose aim is to establish itself as its Technical Analytical Partner in the areas of Quality - Environment and R & D, providing them with the highest quality of information and specialized support, through the synergy of the staff that conforms our team and the support of our business partners.

Our Vision

To become a Leading Company of Analytical Solutions of the productive sectors at a Global level. Always looking for Continuous Improvement, Environmental Care and Consumer Health.

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Organizational Values

Values are the principles that govern all the members of an organization constituting themselves in the "lighthouses that enlighten" the ethical and social behavior of the people in their daily work. In addition, they help to a better coexistence among the members of the company, because its effectiveness depends on the coherence of the actions of its members with the postulates.

In TECNOSOLUCIONES INTEGRALES LEIVA S.A. Values have been conceived to become true patterns of thought and action. The organization intends that these values go beyond what has been written, when translated into behaviors and actions that certify the abiding of all its members to these principles.

  • Credibility

    It involves giving our customers a reliable service based on high quality standards and in function to the technical requirements of the client

    Behaviors expressing the value:

    • We act transparently and reliably in all our actions related to key internal and external processes.
    • We behave consistently with respect to the quality standards offered to our customers.
    • We are aware of improving from "inside out" in order for our credibility to be positively perceived by our customers.
  • Respect

    It involves all members of the company to conduct themselves appropriately in formal and informal relationships with others (partners, clients, etc.) inside and outside the company.

    Behaviors expressing the value:

    • We show an attentive and respectful attitude towards the diverse concerns, suggestions or observations of all our collaborators, regardless of their job position.
    • We listen actively and receptively, which implies full attention and without distractions to the communication issuers.
    • We show a dialogic relationship which implies an open communicative action. In other words, in our institution the dialogue between the members (including boss-collaborator) is based on arguments that are based on pretensions of validity and not of power.
  • Arduousness

    Working hard and perseverance is the common denominator to all the people of this company. Thus, we make the assignments effective and without delays.

    Behaviors expressing the value:

    • We work proactively and diligently focusing on the key activities of each one of our processes.
    • We maintain a constant rhythm of work optimizing the time allocated to each of the key processes.
    • We meet all our assignments in a timely and rational manner.
  • Discipline

    It implies the observance and compliance of the policies, rules, procedures, guidelines and instructions of the company.

    Behaviors expressing the value:

    • We comply with all company policies and regulations in all its aspects.
    • We show a proactive and diligent attitude towards assignments and critical tasks.
    • Respond in a timely manner to the demands or requirements of senior management of the company even in unforeseen situations or contingencies.
  • Commitment to Quality

    We are committed to quality in all processes of the company and that is why we focus on achieving the highest standards as a route for continuous improvement.

    Behaviors expressing the value:

    • We measure the service received by our internal and external customers, as well as their expectations and requirements to satisfy them.
    • We measure the work environment including individual and group performance, adopting the appropriate improvement options.
    • We show a sense of self-criticism with ourselves in a way that encourages us to excel to meet the company's expectations of excellence.
  • Teamwork

    It is the committed work of our collaborators to achieve objectives in a collaborative way. We strive to unite efforts and initiatives that add value to our customers..

    Behaviors expressing the value:

    • We work synergistically in every one of the processes that require it. This implies the complementation and optimization of the diverse capacities of our collaborators to achieve the success of joint way.
    • We obtain innovative or creative responses based on the joint contributions of all our collaborators, regardless of their hierarchical level.
    • We appreciate the contributions of our work teams by reinforcing and stimulating them, according to the contribution and value they add to our organization.

Environmental Policy


Comply with the laws, rules and regulations that govern the environmental matter in our business line both in Costa Rica and in the countries where the company develops its operations, as part of the commitment and awareness in the preservation of natural resources and sustainable development.


This policy applies to all employees of the company.


  • Committing to environmental management should be part of the work of all members of the organization seeking continuous improvement in all its activities.
  • Implement actions that contribute to controlling and minimizing environmental aspects that arise from the activities of the company.
  • Follow up on specific actions regarding environmental preservation through the implementation of a management system that promotes measures such as:
    • Efficient management of solid waste within the organization through strategies of awareness and awareness of staff regarding the habits that enable the continuity of such actions.
    • Adequate use of resources: the use of paper impressions is minimized by using mostly digital documentation, travel optimization for fuel savings and efficient use of water and electricity.
  • Awareness to our clients about the importance of environmental social responsibility in the management of their companies.

Confidentiality Policy


Maintain the confidentiality of the information and data that we handle from our customers, partners and the company itself.


This policy applies to all the employees of the company.


  • The area where the samples are stored is restricted, only the personnel of the company can have access to it.
  • The samples are identified by a unique number, which makes the information of the sample and the client confidential.
  • The information obtained from the analysis process is property of the client and is not authorized for disclosure unless it is expressly authorized by the client or related to a judicial requirement.
  • All information collected in the sampling or analysis process, such as photographs or information provided by the client, is also considered the property of the client and is not authorized for disclosure unless it is expressly authorized by the client or related to a judicial requirement.
  • The personnel or any person hired externally for the company must maintain the confidentiality of all information according to their employment contract.

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