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Medalla Tecno

EUROFINS IT... A dream come true

Eurofins IT Event F03It has been 10 years since our first visit to Dr. Specht in Germany, the objective at that time was to bring a solution to the pineapple export sector of Costa Rica associated with food safety issues and MRLs. The achievements exceeded the planned expectations and the revenues to the sector summed in all the magnitudes.

Today, 10 years later, history has been written with effort, perseverance, tenacity, honesty and a lot of pride in being the representatives of the most renowned Global Group in Bio-essay topics such as Eurofins, which with the initiative to develop a Global business and under the slogan of "fellow the sun" has created its first operation in Costa Rica.

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Tecno Soluciones

Our true purpose is to get close to our clients and be able to propitiate a greater exchange of technical information with regards to our services in the field of project integration management. With this in mind, we have created this portal, which will allow us to interact digitally with our clients and friends and to make available more detailed information and information links about our work and testing services.

Years of experience working in Latin America, the support of our commercial partners, our work team, and our very special list of clients and collaborators have all produced a matchless chemistry for the introduction of our services to the regional productive sector and to provide neat, optimal solutions, with an important added value, to your food safety and environment activities.




International Support


No doubt we would not have been able to bring the experience of technical support to all our clients in Latin America without the backing of our commercial partners in North America, the Keika Ventures Group, with its contact network and associated laboratories all across the United States, and the Eurofins Group, with its more than 200 high-tech laboratories worldwide and their very professional technical teams in various working fields, all of which has been made available to our clients.

Our Locations


As a result of our organic growth throughout time, Tecnosoluciones Integrales has penetrated highly competitive markets in countries like Mexico, Panama, and several nations of Central America.
Likewise, thanks to the support of our laboratories in Brazil and Chile, we have been able to decidedly step into the Southern American subcontinent, with Peru and Colombia as our main focuses of development.

Medalla Tecno